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A beach fanatic family!

The Ecotent was born as part of a family necessity. Since ever our favorite vacation destinations are places with beaches. Traveling to distant beaches all over the world we always had the concern of getting the proper sun protection, especially since our son was born, and this turned out to be quite bothersome task with the existing solutions.

So we started dreaming about a compact, easy to set-up and portable shade we can take everywhere, and enjoy to the fullest our most precious moments in all those amazing places.

We got our inspiration for the Ecotent from the improvised shades that use 4 wooden poles and a fabric spread that we saw in lots of variations: from the modest ones in South-east Asia to the most sophisticated and charming in the most chic beach lounges in Europe. We just needed to make it compact, portable and already from the first test with our prototype we knew it’s going to be a success – anyone who saw it on the beach asked where they could purchase it.




So we went on to producing it in Brazil on a larger scale and from the finest materials we could find in order to provide anyone who likes to stay hours on the beach protection and comfort like never before.




Our tents are lightweight portable and very easy to set-up by any person without the need of any tool and with no effort. The tent’s modern design, which resembles a paraglide, allows for a quick modification of it’s shape with accordance to the sun’s position providing shade for all hours.

By using bags instead of pegs it can be set up with any material found in the nature simply by filling the bags providing weight. The tents are extremely resistant to winds and provide the maximum UVA and UVB protection while leaving anyone under it cool and relaxed.


We have chosen the best materials we could find to ensure the best quality and durability to our tents.

The fabric used to make the Ecotent is produced from Amni® – the world’s first 100% biodegradable polyamide thread! It offers UPF 50+ sun protection and is resistant to the elements while extremely light compared to similar materials. It can be washed without losing its original features and the material dries up very quickly.

Our support poles are made of lightweight aluminium and are rust-proof and super tough. They are foldable into 4 parts, making the Ecotent a compact, lightweight and sturdy product.


UPF 50+ refers to the level of solar UV protection provided by the fabric. The Ecotent provides the largest contiguous blocking of UVA and UVB rays – up to 99%. The ultraviolet rays are a type of radiation emitted by the sun, popularly known as UV. Such radiation is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer surrounding the Earth, preventing much of it from reaching the earth’s surface. However, with the increasing destruction of the ozone layer, artificial sun protection has become essential for humans, since the UV radiation is harmful to health and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a lot of damage to the skin, such as burns, premature ageing, wrinkles and cancer, amongst others.

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100% satisfação garantida
100% satisfação garantida
100% satisfação garantida


We are happy to have manufactured and launched the Ecotent in Brazil! A product with innovative design, portable, biodegradable and that provides UVA and UVB protection. We dedicate Ecotent to all seaside and adventure lovers with the confidence that after using it your concept of comfort, shade and protection will never be the same again! Click here to learn more about our story.


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